008: Feeding Hungry Children with Text Messages -

008: Feeding Hungry Children with Text Messages

By wholewhale

using the Whole Whale PodcastWe talk with Jason Wilson from No Kid Hungry about their unique text messaging program and how it is connecting families with free lunches for their children over the summer. A fun story that goes beyond text-to-donate campaigns and thinks about programmatic impact.

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Pew Research cell phone activities
According to Pew Internet Research – 90% of Americans have a cell phone, 60% of those have access to the internet. Many nonprofits hear these numbers and glaze over or feel that they are too resource constrained to do much about it. This is evident when you consider that only 16% of nonprofit’s have a mobile optimized donation page (Nonprofit Scorecard 2013). If a donate page, a page that literally drives revenue, isn’t inspiring a shift to mobile then we’re in trouble.

I think we sell mobile short when we stop at mobile web/apps and don’t consider the power of that other handy thing that phones do, which is text messaging! Try out No Kid Hungry’s text messaging system – Text “Food” to the number 877877.

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