19NTC: Put a Cat Gif on it

Thanks for attending our session, Put a Cat Gif on it: Linking Storytelling + Social to Donations at 19NTC!

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What we covered

Here’s some #NotFakeNews: Your hashtags aren’t enough to track storytelling effectiveness. In this session, we looked at how Lung Cancer Foundation of America went from an April Fool’s idea, #CatsAgainstLungCancer, to a digital engagement campaign with clear and measurable results to show for it.

We covered how to identify concrete actions for users to take in a campaign and how those align with key performance indicators of moving their mission forward. We also looked beyond April 1 to see how the unexpected bright spots of LCFA’s website can still drive meaningful action — and help lung cancer research.

Learning Outcomes

  • Understand the impact funnel logic model of marketing and how to set goals at 4 key stages of engagement.
  • Go from out-there idea (e.g., #CatsAgainstLungCancer) to digital campaign with clear metrics to measure impact.
  • Understand how to leverage the most popular stories told on your platform towards the ultimate reason your organization exists.

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Social Media

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