089: Lean Data with Emma Lalley and Twisha Mehta (Live from SXSW)

Emma Lalley Twisha Mehta

When we see a conference session titled “Lean Data: How to Use Data to Drive Social Progress,” you can bet we’re signing up, and that’s exactly what happened when Account Strategist Whaler Olivia Marlowe-Giovetti went to SXSW last month.

After a great session co-led by Emma Lalley of New Story and Twisha Mehta of Samasource (along with Yuliya Tarasava of CNote), Olivia sat down with Emma and Twisha to talk about the most pressing data questions asked by nonprofits without data departments and how the site traffic you’re tracking in Google Analytics can lead you down the path of quantifying major social change.

Emma and Twisha are using the tools available to them towards finding scalable solutions to end global poverty. No big deal, right? As Global Impact Manager of New Story, Emma quantifies and understands the impact of the housing that the organization builds in the developing world. In her role as Senior Impact Manager at Samasource, Twisha handles a similar role in measurement and evaluation of the organization’s mission to outsource digital work to unemployed people in the United States and impoverished countries.