156: The 9 Nonprofit Trends of 2019 – Cause IQ

We interview Josh Hurd, the Founder of Cause IQ a leading nonprofit data aggregator about the top nonprofit trends of 2019

Cause IQ used their data to compare nonprofit financials from 2018-2019 versus 2017-2018 for the same 5,000 most popular organizations, and found that revenues are growing more than previously for most organizations — but investable assets are growing more slowly. Interestingly, employment isn’t growing much at all. Rather, nonprofits are spending much more money on outside vendors and service providers.

Nonprofit Trends

Trend 1: Nonprofits are still growing their revenues, and a little bit faster than before

Trend 2: Advocacy organizations are lagging behind the rest

Trend 3: Investable assets are increasing at a slower rate for nonprofits, although assets are still growing

Trend 4: Almost one-third of nonprofits are drawing down their investable assets

Trend 5: Employment is flattening out for many nonprofits

Trend 6: Nonprofit employment doesn’t grow proportionally with revenue or assets

Trend 7: Religious nonprofits march to the beat of their own drum

Trend 8: Nonprofits are spending more money on consultants, accountants, lawyers, etc.

Trend 9: Nonprofits are outsourcing specialized help instead of hiring employees

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