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 Top articles:

GivingTuesday Generates Garganutan Giving

GivingTuesday saw its biggest single-day fundraising amount since its inception, generating $2.47 billion in revenue from donors. This represents a 25% increase from 2019, which saw $1.97 billion in total donations. Online giving in the United States, which B Corps Digital Agency Whole Whale predicted would surpass $605 million, actually came in at over $808 million. This represents a stunning increase of 58% compared to the previous year.

Updating Definition of Domestic Violence To Include “Coercive Control”

Lawmakers and activists alike are engaging in important conversations about “coercive control,” a new and critical way to describe patterns of domestic violence that are not physical, but cover a variety of behaviors related to “social, financial and psychological abuse.” While select countries and states have already started to introduce laws to address coercive control, experts also emphasize the need for “evidence-based training to identify and respond to coercive and controlling behaviors for police, lawyers, judicial officers, frontline health workers, child protection workers” and others.