231: Your Voice Matters: Author Interview

We interview Erline Belton the Author of Your Voice Matters. 

Erline Belton is President and CEO of Belton’s Crossing, LLC a real estate Development Corporation and the CEO and Founder of the Lyceum Group, an organizational development-consulting firm. The mission of her consulting firm, The Lyceum Group, is to influence societal and workplace re-thinking to encourage new possibilities. Her life’s work is to be of service to others in their search for truth-based principle and strategies that support positive business results. Her focus is US and international markets. Her most recent international assignments were in South Africa, Tanzania, Nigeria, Kenya, Cote Te Voire and Zimbabwe. She has spent 25 years as a senior corporate executive in the high technology industry, and in the insurance industry, and eight years in higher education.

“Your Voice Matters,” is a compelling achievement by Erline Belton. Her writings lead readers on a personal journey of self-exploration. Her book helps readers find the courage to speak the unspoken, and to realize the amazing grace of offering their voice and life stories. Speaking what is on your heart, speaking what you are feeling, and thinking opens the pathway to embracing all of who you are and who you alone are meant to be.