279: The Hidden Cost of COVID on Children Who Lose Parents

Special podcast feature on a recent research report revealing how many children have lost parents due to COVID. Whole Whale’s Nick Azualy interviews Dan Treglia about the report recently featured in the New York Times.

More than 167,000 children have been robbed, by COVID-19, of a parent, grandparent, or other in-home caregiver on whom they had relied for their social, developmental needs. This estimate is from a new report from COVID Collaborative and Social Policy Analytics that explores the number, characteristics, and needs of these highly vulnerable children and offers policymakers a way forward to help them.

The effort was led by Dan Treglia, who joins us on this episode of Using the Whole Whale. Dan is an Associate Professor of Practice at the University of Pennsylvania, CEO of Social Policy Analytics, and our Research and Evaluation Whaler.

Read the report here. Want to learn more about the study, or how your nonprofit can help these children? Reach out to Dan at [email protected].