As an Analytics Manager, Christina is committed to exploring how nonprofits can grow their communities by making decisions informed by data.

In a past life, she worked behind-the-scenes on TV shows and independent films, including the documentary Resistance at Tule Lake. She helped organize three film festivals and two scholarship programs for the science art nonprofit Imagine Science. To weather the highs and lows of freelance life, she waitressed at an underwater-themed restaurant called Dive Bar and tended bar at the venue Caveat NYC.

Since joining the Whole Whale team, Christina has managed accounts, led webinars, set up analytics and built reporting tools for a number of clients, including Seacology, Fight Colorectal Cancer, and Americares. Much of her work starts with thinking about how users might behave online and configuring ways to track these actions so nonprofits can better understand how users are reacting to their message. Then the fun part: combing through all this data to write a compelling story.

After whaling-hours, Christina can be found drawing, making animations, and trying to get her friend’s “Sensitive Wings Night” idea more reach. Email her to hear more about Sensitive Wings, or catch her creations here!