Please welcome Fran, Whole Whale’s adopted Humpback Whale! We’re so excited to have her as Whole Whale’s first Whale Whaler (say that 5x fast) At 9 years old, Fran is a full-time mother, but when she’s not spending time with her little calf, you can spot her swimming in her own sea of data near Moss Landing, California.

Fran enjoys doing deep dives around the Farallon Islands — her favorite season is winter, since that’s when she was first spotted by researchers back in 2014.

Whole Whale adopted Fran through the Oceanic Society, a nonprofit organization dedicated to improving ocean health by deepening the connections between people and nature to address its root decline: human behavior. She is part of the Whales of Guerrero Research Project that aims to survey humpback whales in Mexico and provide local fisherman and boat operators with the means to survive without further depleting natural resources to protect the region.

Here’s our Puppy Whaler, Turtle, with Fran’s official adoption certificate: