As an SEO Manager, Marielle crafts SEO + Content Marketing for Whole Whale and our clients. They received their BS in Public Health from Rutgers University before pursuing a Mini-MBA in Digital Marketing from Rutgers Business School. Similar to how the practice of Public Health brings health services directly into communities, Marielle leverages data to bring audiences the right content at the right time to increase impact.

Prior to their position at Whole Whale, Marielle supported multiple nonprofits in many capacities. Marielle spent many long nights as an editor of a NJ independent daily newspaper, The Daily Targum, where they developed their skills in writing, editing, and photography—They peaked the second time they took photos of President Obama. Marielle is particularly passionate by issues surrounding environmental protection and climate change. Their community organizing work at Food & Water Watch helped raise more than $8000 for the Standing Rock and Ramapough Lunaape Nations to combat oil pipeline construction on Native territories.

When Marielle is not in the office, you can find them learning to skateboard, doing hot yoga, and learning Japanese.