2019 Updated: Free and Simple Social Listening Tools

Creating a listening post for chatter about your organization or field of interest can be done for free and provide great insight into what you should be focusing on to build brand reputation.

The following tools can be used across different platforms to build a complete view of conversions about and around your brand.

General Listening

  • News.google.com can be used to search for your organization and then relevant keywords for your field of interest, include a search for competitors. Grab the RSS feed at the bottom of the search results page and add to Google Reader. If you’d like email alerts, If This Than That (IFTTT) is the fastest way to set up a triggered message to be sent.
  • Google Trends can be used to watch macro search trends around your cause area.

Twitter Listening

Twitter’s API made it really easy for developers to build listening and analysis tools with their data. However, over the past few years, Analytics.Twitter.com has continued to improve into the most powerful way to analyze your own account. Never the less, there are still some fun Twitter toys out there to help you analyze broader topics:

  • Tweetpsych.com: Create a search for your Twitter handle, add the URL to an Iframe widget on your sites.google.com page. This gives a general snapshot of your attitude from keyword analysis.
  • TweetDeck.com this tool is run by Twitter and lets you monitor live feeds across the platform.
  • FollowerWonk.com allows you to analyze your or a competitor’s followers and their reach. Great for finding influencers in your network.
  • Twitonomy.com is a simple tool that lets you analyze and export mentions, followers and other stats from Twitter on any users/hashtag.
  • TweetReach.com gives a quick and free report on the reach of conversations around a hashtag.

Broad social analytics

  • SumAll.com is able to combine tracking across multiple social platforms for free.
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