7 Tips for Marketing to Gen Z

Millennials used to be the buzz-word, target audience we all aimed to reach. Now, Generation Z is taking center stage and are perceived to be the most philanthropic generation to date. Gen Z grew up with the internet and has much more exposure to social causes and advertising. Thus, they are much more engaged and willing to support organizations creating change in the world, but they can’t be reached like older generations – marketing to Gen Z will require a different approach. They’re suspicious of heavy-handed advertising and the status quo, and they are tired of going through the motions. They want action, not words.

Since Gen Z has begun to enter the workplace, they are more than just potential supporters, they are potential donors. One day, they may be the majority of your donors. So how can you cater your message to them? Be authentic, transparent, and informative. This generation seeks information as well as transparency. DoSomething Strategic conducted a study that showed 67% of teens and young adults have stopped purchasing, or would consider doing so, if a company stood for something or behaved in a way that didn’t align with their values. As a nonprofit, you already stand for something that others support. That is half the battle — now, learn how to leverage cause-alignment in your marketing to Gen Z supporters.  

Here are some ways to inspire Gen Z:

  1. Have an engagement strategy that includes content that not only calls attention, but is inspiring. Content should propose ways Gen Z can get involved and take action.
  2. Share personal stories of your advocates and volunteers. This is a way to show what you’ve done, how others are involve, and what Gen Z can take action
  3. Provide multiple points of entry. Gen Z won’t wait around to be invited. Make sure they know every possible way to get involved with every initiative, cause, event, etc.
  4. Don’t use gimmicks, or gimmicky language. This generation desires transparency and are not afraid to leave one organization for another. Build loyalty through honesty. Present who you are, legitimize your cause, and celebrate it.
  5. Video is one of the best ways to engage with Gen Z and compete with other content online. Be creative and aim to inspire. Don’t be afraid to try new things. The more innovative the content, the more likely users will engage.
  6. Gen Z is also attracted to in-person events, so until the pandemic is over, get those Zoom events started! Use these events to connect with Gen Z on a higher level and speak about your organization on a more personal level. Provide a space for them to ask questions and be ready to answer tough questions. Gen Z knows how to spot misdirection and they will conduct research, so be truthful in your response.
  7. Provide and promote different levels of engagement. Gen Z are most likely to volunteer and get on the ground. Show them how they can act beyond donating.

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Now that you know what makes them tick, consider how your organization’s marketing to Gen Z supporters can help you active new groups of volunteers and donors.

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