The 11 Best Digital Marketing Training Resources for Nonprofits

The digital marketing world is always changing. A question we often hear from nonprofits: “how do we keep up with the changing landscape?” Social media, email savvy, SEO, digital advertising, analytics, optimization tools like popups, A/B testing, and web design are non-negotiables that should be in every nonprofit’s toolbox. We face the same challenge here at Whole Whale: how can we make sure we are in-the-know about the latest tech trends, platform changes, and events?

Incentivize Learning

At Whole Whale, this comes in the form of an annual learning stipend. If your nonprofit employees have a use-it-or-lose it budget for learning, they’ll be more eager to invest in a course or workshop to grow their skills. Listed as a perk on your Careers page, this can also be a great way to differentiate yourself as an employer and attract hot talent who are curious by nature.

Encourage Meetups and Conferences

Nothing like a long weekend in an unfamiliar city surrounded by other nonprofit tech geeks to leap up the learning curve. If your employees find a community to connect to, they will be learning while also being ambassadors for your organization and cause. Two for one!

Get Digital

Sometimes it seems like all of the digital tools out there were created for big brands and aren’t relevant for nonprofits. But, if you look in the right places, there are plenty of blogs, Youtube channels, and Twitter accounts dedicated exclusively to training nonprofits on digital techniques. Ahem, ahem, may we draw your attention to the domain you are currently on.

Keep it Class-y

Online learning is becoming the new norm, and since most digital topics still aren’t taught in school, online courses are the best way to get a mile-deep understanding of technical skills. Create a culture that allows your staff to set aside 15 minutes a week to devote to online learning, and set milestones for them to hit. Check in frequently about their progress on these goals.

Where to look?

Lucky for you, we’ve compiled the best resources out there for learning about digital topics, all tailored specifically for nonprofits. Here’s a sneak peek:

  1. – This site has dozens of free online courses on topics ranging from nonprofit accounting to leadership to marketing and communications. In addition to full-blown e-learning courses, they also have downloadable toolkits and manuscripts to peruse for those who want a more digestible option.
  2. Techsoup – This organization, a nonprofit themselves, is dedicated to bringing technology to nonprofits, from physical equipment to online training and resources. Their webinars and blog have been around for awhile, but their new course series offers a deeper dive into online education (both free and paid). Their first course is on Tech Planning, but we hear they have more up their sleeve.
  3. Nonprofit Marketing Guide – This site is exactly what it claims to be! Their offers include workshops, webinars, and e-clinics that allow smaller groups of nonprofits to receive individual feedback.
And of course, we’d be remiss not to mention our beloved Whole Whale University, Our very own course series covers the gamut of digital strategy topics and can benefit a range of experience levels. Start learning now!