Quick Click Crowdfunding: How to use the Facebook Donate Button

First of all, what is the Facebook donate button?

Nonprofits can now crowdfund directly from their pages with the Facebook Donate Button. It replaces the “contact” or “sign up” button on a page and allows users to quickly donate to an organization without leaving Facebook. The Donate Button processes donations in just 2-3 clicks with a one-page form on Facebook. All shared and re-shared include the button so when a nonprofit shares a post, it includes a Facebook Donate Button. Plus, the button remains in that post if a follower re-shares it. This is important as most users engage with their newsfeed, rather than individual Facebook Pages. Organizations will still be able to share posts that do not link directly to the donate feature.


What’s the difference between the Facebook Donate button and the old “Donate now” button?

The old “Donate Now” call-to-action button is available to all nonprofits and directs donors to an external website of your choice. The Facebook Donate Button is an on-platform donation flow available to nonprofits that are accepted after they submit an application. Also, the Donate Button processes donations in just 2-3 clicks, right on the Facebook platform. Facebook does take a percentage for offering this feature (about 5%) but it makes the process more seamless for donors.

The old Donate Now call-to-action button:

old facebook donate button


The new Facebook Donate button:


Click the button, and a pop-up donation form appears:

Organizations can customize the set donation amounts depending on their target audience. 

Facebook Donate Button Form

How do I add the Facebook Donate Button?

The Donate Button is now available to qualified US-based 501(c)(3) nonprofits. Any nonprofit can add a call-to-action redirect button to their Facebook Page, but you must apply in order to use the internal donation feature.

To qualify, the Page must:

  1. Be verified
  2. Follow Facebook’s community standards
  3. Be linked to a donations bank account.

After you are approved, you can add a Facebook Donate Button the same way you would add call-to-action buttons.

So…should my organization Get the Facebook donate button?

The Facebook Donate Button is an easy way to increase conversions, especially around #GivingTuesday and end of year giving. For organizations aiming to increase web traffic as well as donations, the call-to-action button drives users to your website. However, if the only goal is to increase donations, the donate button is clear, focus-pulling, and easy for donors to use. It allows donors to stay on the platform, so you are less likely to lose users. A Facebook Donation Button is a simple feature to drive donations, but it is not the end all and be all of fundraising. In order to really accrue donations, you need to weave in good content, visual storytelling, and strong calls-to-action.