All I want from Google Analytics for my non-denominational holiday

Putting aside how geeky it is that I hope Google Analytics will make these changes as a holiday gift, there are some solid ideas here. So, Avinash and other GA team members I hope this reaches you!

1. District Level Geographic Breakdown

District level targeting is possible in advertising in Google AdWords, which is awesome for political and advocacy advertising. However the big promise of Google Analytics is that we can accurately track the impact of this traffic on our impact goals. It would be awesome to be able to understand how different rural/urban districts are differing in engagement. Imagine it – we could create new custom filters with fairly accurate democratic/republican segments!

This is #1 on our list for a reason. Our sector needs a strong understanding of how our issue focused content is reaching and resonating with the audiences it needs to. This might be a great step towards this end.

2. Allow Admins to Delete Goals

I actually lost a bet with our data analyst about this…The maximum number of goals you can have in an account is 25. This is actually an easy number to hit if the account is old and has been periodically managed by overzealous/confused goal creators. The only way to deal with this issue is to rename the goal, however you then are risking confusion when comparing historical performance. Yes, you can create an annotation on the date of the change, but that is a very weak backstop for future confusion.

So, please, help me win my dollar back and allow us to delete goals with a double confirmations from admins to help prevent accidents.

3. Share custom reports across account

This starts getting into the minutiae, but you can currently share dashboards and segments across all of the users in an account view. However, custom reports are trapped to the individual user view. So, when people download our awesome nonprofit GA bundle and they get a great custom time of day report, they can’t easily share it with their team!

4. Make the App Visualization of Time of Day the Same on Desktop

Speaking of time of day, the Google Analytics App has an amazing visualization of traffic over the aggregated time of day. It would be great to have this on desktop as well so we can grab it for our executive reports as well as make the case to our content teams that people actually use the site at night.

5. 25 view limit in properties

The maximum number of views you can have in a property is 25, which for most organizations is more than enough. However, as Whole Whale has worked with more national, chapter based nonprofits that all want access to their custom view of their region, 25 is not enough. Yes, you can use segments and dashboards to filter a single account, each region tends to have a nuanced difference requiring different goals to track their campaigns. The solution many national nonprofits then resort to is adding multiple properties to their code or GTM just to get more views of the same data. This is more common than you imagine and is a very tail wagging the dog situation – so this is appeal to the coders among you (so… all of you?).

6. Nonprofit Premium Accounts

For nonprofits that have +1 million in monthly session traffic it would be great if Google Analytics Premium was offered in the suite. Paying $150k per year is far beyond the budget of  most organizations that depend on accurate data to drive their digital impact. So, this would be a high-leverage way to help a handful of awesome nonprofits.