The 11 fundraising apps every nonprofit should know

77% of all Americans can be found staring into a tiny computer and clicking around on apps everyday. With that many people using smartphones — and smartphone apps — why not incorporate them into your nonprofit’s digital fundraising? There are tons of easy-to-use fundraising apps already out there to help you reach your goals and engage your donors. The only question is: Which one should you use? Check out our top 11 fundraising apps, with our advice on how to  choose the right one for your goals.

1. Charity Miles

A former Whole Whale client, Charity Miles helps people donate to their favorite organizations while getting active. Like a Turkey Trot, but everyday. Users choose the charity they want to support, and then for every mile they move (walking, running, bike-riding, you name it), they earn money for the organization from corporate sponsors. Find out how to join their charity roster here.

2. Facebook Fundraisers and Donate Buttons

Facebook Fundraiser allows you to grant your followers permission to crowdsource on your behalf. It’s like franchising your fundraising campaign — and right now Facebook is promoting fundraisers in its algorithm. Facebook also allows you to add a donate button to your page so users can easily donate directly to your organization. The best part? Since Giving Tuesday 2017, they’ve waived all transaction fees. With Facebook being accessed on smartphones more than desktop or tablets, you’ll definitely want to keep using the platform to reach their wide audience.

3. Prizeo

Another Whole Whale client past and present, Prizeo is a fundraising app that partners with charities and their celebrity partners to create once-in-a-lifetime sweepstakes for experiences that users can win for small donations. Have a celebrity endorser or a connection with someone in film, music, or sports? You can work with Prizeo to set up a sweepstakes that people can enter by donating directly to your cause.

4. One Today by Google

One Today by Google is a fundraising app that shows the impact of just one daily donation of $1. For each donation, users receive photos, short stories, and explanations of how their dollars are effecting change globally.

5. Pledgeling

Corporate giving made easy, Pledgeling connects brands and consumers to their favorite causes. They help for-profit organizations give back to nonprofits that align with their mission and their customers’ interests. Learn how to join their database and start raising money here.  

6. DonorPerfect

DonorPerfect is a donor management platform — with an app! If you are on the go and need to contact donors, you can easily access your database from your smartphone. Great for any development professionals that take in-person meetings with top donors.

7. PayPal

Hosting an event and know you’ll be running around all day? PayPal, the payment system best known for being an easy way to transfer money, has a donation app. PayPal will send you a card reader to take credit or debit payments, but be prepared for a 2.7% transaction fee.

8. Budge

Who doesn’t love a friendly competition for a good cause? Budge is a fundraising app that allows users to challenge their friends to anything — a game of chess, a donut-eating competition — and the person that doesn’t win donates to a pre-selected charity. Note that there are no losers here. Everyone wins!

9. Omaze

Omaze is another fundraising app that partners with celebrities to auction off exclusive experiences in exchange for micro donations. Just $10 for a chance to hang out with Dax Shepard? Count us in.

10. GiveLively

These young people and their texting. GiveLively allows organizations to collect donations from text (SMS) messages. So far, they’ve helped over 1,000 nonprofits raise money at $0 charge to their members. Why not become one of them?

11. Fundly

Fundly is a mobile crowdfunding app that feels like a social network. Organizations can easily share Facebook posts, YouTube videos, and images to bring their campaigns to life. Fundly also makes it easy to thank your donors directly on the platform. Emily Post would be proud.
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