Coming Soon: Online Fundraising Essentials

In the last 5 years, online revenue for nonprofits has increased by almost 80%. How can nonprofits channel the best practices of traditional fundraising to ride the ever-growing wave of online fundraising? And how can nonprofits harness the power of fundraising and analytics tools to gather insights and inform their strategies?

Building a strong online fundraising strategy has become ESSENTIAL for the modern nonprofit and this practical course focuses on how to do it. Join CEO and Founder of Whole Whale George Weiner as he answers these questions and helps you build a complete strategy.

We’ll show you how to

  • Set digital fundraising goals to drive your organizational impact
  • Choose the right platform for your campaigns (peer-to-peer, crowdfunding, email, Facebook, etc)
  • Build smart automated email marketing flows that help nurture donors
  • Cut through the digital noise with effective and personalized messaging
  • Configure Google Analytics to track relevant website goals
  • Run paid advertising that drives donors and donations with the goal of turning $1 into $2 for your organization
  • Playing the Facebook Fundraising game to win
  • Report on campaign success to key stakeholders

This Course is Meant for

  • Nonprofit development, communications, or marketing professionals
  • Nonprofit executive directors or C-suite looking to shift their online fundraising strategy
  • Agencies that work to support online fundraising campaigns

Before starting the course, you’ll need…

  • Google Analytics set up — knowledge of the platform is not a prerequisite but a bonus
  • A donation platform

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