Coming Soon: The Email Marketing Essentials

Why is email important in an age of social media and information overload? Email can have a return on investment of 122%, which is four times higher than that of social media, direct mail, and paid search, meaning you can expect more conversions (donations, volunteer signups, etc) and higher quality engagement from email than from other marketing efforts. In 2018, email accounted for 13% of online revenue for nonprofits. Don’t ignore this piece of the pie chart.

In our course, Chief Whaler George Weiner will show you how to optimize each phase in the subscriber funnel: capture, nurture, and engage. Plus, (because we’re data geeks), how to analyze your email data.

You’ll learn how to

  • Choose the right email marketing platform for your needs
  • Structure your list for clean segmentation and to scale
  • Grow your list using pop-ups, ads, and other strategies
  • Find the right day and time to send your newsletter
  • Automate your messaging and build a Welcome Series
  • A/B test your emails to increase open and click through rates
  • Tailor your messaging to drive donations
  • Configure Google Analytics to track and analyze signup and email traffic behavior
  • Report on success to key stakeholders
  • Analyze email ROI

Before starting the course, you’ll need…

  • Google Analytics set up — knowledge of the platform is not a prerequisite but a bonus
  • An email platform

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