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Practical Guide to AI

We believe that in 5 years, using an AI writer and image generators to create content will be as common as Slack and ZOOM are today. The technology is now able to create human-level content at affordable prices to the average consumer.

It is important that social impact organizations jump on this massive shift early which is why we are offering this course for free (for now). Like birds dropping bags of money, if only we could visualize this for you… oh, wait we can.

money birds DALLE 2
DALLE2 image money birds

Key takeaways:

  • Learn about different types of AI writers and how they can help your nonprofit create content more efficiently
  • Understand how to incorporate AI writers into your existing content workflow
  • Get tips and best practices for getting the most out of AI writers
  • Tips about the new AI image generators like DALLE*2 and Midjourney
  • How to think about your brand in the land of AI images

 Join our Chief Whaler, George Weiner in exploring what is possible with these AI tools and how to use them in your regular workflow

Tools like, and GPT3 are open to the public and good enough to mimic a writing style and turn out AMAZING drafts. It is just a question of how to incorporate them into current workflows.

DALLE2 image of Monk
DALLE2 image of Monk

In 1440 AD the printing press allowed rapid copies of books to be made. Prior to this monks across Europe needed to copy these by hand, this innovation put them out of business. Tech disruption in content creation is not new, and those that adopt early get to yield the greatest rewards.


George Weiner

Chief Whaler

George is the Founder and CEO of Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages data and tech to increase the impact of nonprofits and for-benefit companies. He is also the co-founder of Power Poetry, the largest teen poetry platform in the U.S, a safe, creative, free home to over 500k poets.

Prior to Whole Whale George was the CTO of Over the course of 7 years, he managed the platform overhaul of twice (winning a Webby Award ) and helped to build a community of over 1.5 million young people taking action. Realizing that much of DoSomething’s success was owed to smart, lean use of many democratized tech tools (including Google Analytics and the Google Ad Grant), George founded Whole Whale with the goal of helping nonprofits both storied and start-ups to move their missions forward with the tools at hand.

In nearly a decade of operations, Whole Whale has worked with over 100 nonprofit and social-impact organizations, spent over $6 million in Google Ad Grants dollars, and supported an additional 150,000+ organizations through free online content and training.

An evangelist for democratized data and measuring success, George has presented Whole Whale-related case studies at conferences and workshops around nonprofit technology, including NTC, Cause Camp, the Youth + Tech + Health Conference, and IECC Thrive’s Nonprofit Capacity Building Conference (he’s also been seen on the karaoke stage at many other nonprofit conferences and has been known to turn the Nonprofit Tech Conference into the Nonprofit Toto Conference).

He’s also a contributing author of Nonprofit Management 101, the author of The Simple Guide to Creating & Navigating Tech RFPs, and the co-author of The Simple Guide to Building an Awesome Internship Program.