A/B Testing 101: Why your Gut is Wrong

With Google Analytics, we know the who, what, when, where, and how of actions on your website. But do we know WHY those actions are happening? We can thanks to the psychology of how we see. Even if you’re a non-designer, you’ll learn why certain layouts are scientifically proven to be more effective than others (and why you should never trust your gut).

In this webinar hosted by Technical Creative Director Ann Nguyen, you’ll see real nonprofit case studies of landing page A/B testing to increase conversions. Plus, you’ll walk away with 5 ideas for design elements you can test on your site today.

Bonus: Turtle, puppy whaler, will be co-presenting


  • Understand the key psychological principles of design and how they impact user behavior
  • How to perform A/B testing on websites to test these best practices against your users’ behavior
  • How to track user behavior at a granular level in Google Analytics + Google Tag Manager

This webinar is the first in a 2 part series. Join us next week on Wednesday 4/8 at 3pm EST for A/B Testing 201: How to use Google Optimize to learn how to run A/B tests on your site.

The recording will be shared with all registrants. After the event, the webinar will also be made available to purchase at wholewhale.com/university

Bonus! Would you like to participate in a small 5-10 minute discussion group after the webinar? We will be hosting a 3-5 person group video chart, like a “table chat,” with other attendees to discuss the ideas in the webinar. If you are interested, please fill out the extra questions in the registration form.

If you are selected, you will need a working webcam and decent internet connection. Few will be guaranteed space, you will be notified by email if selected.