A/B Testing 201: How to use Google Optimize

You’ve gotten website users through the front door, but they aren’t taking meaningful action on your site. How do you get them to stay and take action on your site? The answer: A/B testing your landing pages.

Google Optimize is Google’s free tool that allows you to test different variations of your website. You can create A/B or multivariate tests to change just about anything on your site and then quickly determine the impact on customer behavior. On this webinar hosted by Data Engineer Whaler Axel Kaban, we’ll review best practices for using this tool and show you how to set up your first test.

You’ll learn

  • The benefits of Google Optimize, plus other A/B testing tools we like
  • Best practices for setting up a test
  • How to set up a simple landing page test
  • How to measure success

This webinar is the second in a 2 part series. Sign up for A/B Testing 101 to get the foundation.

The recording will be shared with all registrants. After the event, the webinar will also be made available to purchase at wholewhale.com/university.

Bonus! Would you like to participate in a small 5-10 minute discussion group after the webinar? We will be hosting a 3-5 person group video chart, like a “table chat,” with other attendees to discuss the ideas in the webinar. If you are interested, please fill out the extra questions in the registration form.

If you are selected, you will need a working webcam and decent internet connection. Few will be guaranteed space, you will be notified by email if selected.