Ask a Whaler: All about Google Analytics Goals

On your organization’s website, you have key actions that you are driving people to take: you want people to click buttons, watch videos, fill out forms, etc. But most of all, you want to know how many people take those actions, and when. Google Analytics doesn’t just track traffic (say that 3 times fast), but it can also be used to track when these actions take place.

How do you set up Google Analytics goals? How do you set up events? What’s the difference? And what are examples of goals and events your organization should be tracking?

All this and more at our “ask me anything”-style webinar. Join Digital Analyst Whaler Jack Downs on March 22 at 1pm EST for a 30 minute discussion of Google Analytics goals and events.

Your questions, answered.


  • Answers to any questions you have about Google Analytics goals and events!