Engagement Tracking: From Online Action to Offline Outcomes

Picture a chasm. On one side there is the digital marketing work your organization does on a daily basis, and on the other side are long-term societal benefits and offline actions. While there are concrete outputs being created like emails and online content, how can you tell if this work is moving the needle on long-term impact?

Join Digital Analyst Whaler Jack Downs and MilkCrate Founder + CEO Morgan Berman as they show you how to track and measure engagement — from online to offline. You will learn how to:

  • Set up tracking on your website and app (if applicable)
  • Find, measure, and derive insights from the metrics that matter
  •  Why it’s important to track the average person’s actions instead of just social media aficionados
  • Deciding what actions you should be tracking offline & how


Don’t just follow your gut — use data from both online and offline interactions to inform your digital strategy and drive real impact.

Co-hosted by MilkCrate