Should My Organization Build An App or a Website?

Every day, nonprofits ask themselves questions like “How do I better reach our members, our program participants, our donors?” and “How do we track the impact our programs have in the world?”

With the increasing demand to be digital, it has become common to explore the idea of a new app or an updated website. In this webinar with MilkCrate CEO + Founder Morgan Berman and Design Whaler + Head of NY Ann Nguyen, we’ll help you determine whether you need an app or a website, and then what to do next.

You will learn:

  • When to build an app vs. a website based on your goals and budget
  • How to choose tech tools that will meet your needs
  • Tips for planning for a new app/website or for a site redesign
  • Best practices for writing a request for proposal (RFP)