Practical Online Fundraising Tips that Actually Work

Building a website that looks like a brochure with a “Donate” button is not digital fundraising; it’s an empty field that’s waiting for the players. The problem is, the players are in an area without GPS service, so how are they going to find it?

Whole Whale has been in the game of leveraging data and tech towards impact for nearly a decade, and in that time they’ve learned what has proven to work to get the players to the field. Join COO and Chief Strategy Whaler Megan Anhalt for this hour-long webinar on Tuesday April 14 at 2pm EST and she’ll provide actionable strategies for increasing site traffic, building your list, and ultimately converting those subscribers into donors. Plus, best practices for measuring results so you can build on your digital fundraising strategy year-over-year. 

You’ll learn:

  • Why people give
  • Strategies for growing website traffic
  • Lead generation best practices 
  • How to make donating easy 
  • Tips for reporting on success using Rallybound


Hosted by Rallybound.