Reducing Donor Abandonment: What to Copy From E-Retailers

Studies put the average donor “drop-off” or “abandonment” rate for online donations at somewhere between 50% and 70%. More than half of the donors who start the donation process won’t finish it—so where is it going wrong? Join Give Lively’s Communications Manager Molly Trerotola and Product Manager Matt Connelly, along with Design Whaler and Head of NY Ann Nguyen as they share the best strategies to improve donation checkout flow and reduce donor abandonment. They will present common challenges that lead to donor drop off and strategies to reduce it.

After this webinar, you will

  • Understand the impact of donor abandonment/drop-off, including top causes
  • Explore proven strategies that dramatically increase checkout completion and how to translate those into the donation checkout flow
  • Have actionable ideas for how to A/B test your donation page to increase conversions