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Since 1942, the Ad Council has offered trusted advice and inspiring calls-to-action. They created the category of public service advertising and their visuals and slogans are woven into the fabric of American culture. Smokey Bear? Yeah, they created him.

The Challenge

The Ad Council does incredible work driving millions of brand impressions and traffic to countless partners. As such, they needed help utilizing Google Analytics to evaluate the full impact of this digital exposure consistently and across different clients. They also needed an outside party to evaluate and advise on best practices for leveraging the Google AdWords Grant.

What we did

Over the course of 2 years, Whole Whale has worked with the Ad Council on several projects, Google Analytics implementation and configuration and in-person trainings with their digital department.

Google Analytics

Our work in Google Analytics emphasized digital goal setting, dashboards and custom reports. We helped the Ad Council team learn more about how advanced goal attribution and streamlined analytics reporting contribute to a better understanding of the relationship between traffic and impact.

Google Ad Grant

Whole Whale has also helped evaluate and quantify the value of the Ad Council’s Google Ads account, implementing best practices across several social impact campaigns. A comprehensive 100-slide report included audits, recommendations, and benchmarks for many of the top nonprofit campaigns that the Ad Council runs and on which it reports.

Digital Training

Throughout our projects, Whole Whale built capacity in the Ad Council’s digital team through trainings, checklists, and reusable templates that can be used independently. Furthermore, the Ad Council regularly runs “brown bag lunch and learns” as a way to encourage staff development, and has had Whole Whale attend as guest-speaker on many occasions to share learnings from our project work.


“The Ad Council engaged Whole Whale to help us think more strategically about how we look at our digital analytics. They made thoughtful and insightful suggestions about our digital review process and helped us to set up consistent Google Analytics reporting across our campaigns. They were incredibly responsive, punctual and professional throughout the project, meeting all of our agreed upon deadlines. I highly recommend Whole Whale and would work with them again.”

– Anastasia Goodstein, SVP Digital, The Ad Council (July 2015)

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