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The Extra mile Podcast: Interview with George Weiner

“George is the first person I talked to about Charity Miles and he’s been an integral part of our success. For this episode, we took a beautiful walk along the water in Brooklyn, New York, where we dug into how tech can most effectively be used to help nonprofits succeed.” 

George in front of two mics with headphones

Nonprofit Radio: Strong Social Ads on $100 a Month

Live from the 2019 Nonprofit Technology Conference: You can have an effective social media advertising campaign on a small budget, if you plan smartly for your targeting, messaging and measuring. Listen here.

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Wired: Big Data: The Gift that Will Keep Givers Giving

“For non-profits to pull off major social transformation, says consultant George Weiner, they need to start thinking more like their data-conscious for-profit peers: “We’re not trying to sell widgets, but we are trying to sell volunteerism.” Weiner, founder of the Brooklyn-based Whole Whale agency, is one of a band of experts imparting an urgent message to non-profits: If you’re a would-be world changer, 1840s technology isn’t going to cut it much longer.” Read more.

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BizTech Magazine: 3 Hurdles to Overcome in Launching Your Nonprofit Data Strategy

“The Brooklyn-based digital agency Whole Whale, which caters to social impact clients, has a term for this: “the data fiefdom.” Founder and CEO George Weiner calls out five sure signs that an organization may be suffering from one, including a leader who restricts others’ access to data, a reluctance to build up staff skills in data operations and a siloed approach in which data insights are rarely shared or communicated. The overarching solution that Weiner offers is simple yet powerful: transparency.” Read more.

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Google Cloud: Power Poetry

“As a nonprofit operating on a tight budget and with a small staff, Power Poetry has limited resources but very big goals: To help youth find their voice through the medium of poetry. With that in mind, Power Poetry uses rap lyrics, American poetry, and even machine learning, to attract young people and inspire their imaginations.” Read more.

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The Atlantic

“This year, as per projections from the nonprofit consultancy Whole Whale, that number will likely grow to more than $200 million.” Read more.

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CBS Action News Jax

“Last year, people donated $177 million. This year, analysts from Whole Whale, a nonprofit digital data agency, predict the donations will be more than $200 million.” Read more.

Case study cover


“In this case study, we’ll show you how Whole Whale increased conversions 100% simply by withholding the most valuable portions of existing content for subscribers only using OptinMonster’s content locking feature.” Read more.

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Idealist Careers Blog

“3 Org-Culture Practices that Promote Wellness and Balance.” Features Whole Whale and examples of how we promote work-life balance in our company culture. Read the article.

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Tea Chai Te Proximity Series

“Proximity is a series of interviews with the idea of connecting you to the people around us. In this issue, we’re interviewing George Weiner, owner of Whole Whale, a data agency that helps non-profits.” – Read more

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Hack the Entrepreneur Podcast

  • HTE 247: Helping Nonprofits with Data and Technology | George Weiner, By Jon Nastor – August 8, 2016
  • “My guest today is a leader, innovator, constant learner, and an entrepreneur. Since 2010, he has been the Founder and Chief Whaler of Whole Whale, a digital agency that leverages web data and technology to multiply the impact of nonprofits. Prior to Whole Whale, my guest was the CTO of DoSomething.org… “
    Listen to the interview.

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WeWork – Creator Magazine

Whole Whale’s Goal? Using Technology to Boost Nonprofits, By Gabrielle Brygider – August 11, 2016

“George Weiner’s determination jumpstarted Whole Whale, a digital strategy and consulting company serving nonprofits. By focusing on data strategy, analysis, and training, Whole Whale is revolutionizing the way nonprofits are able to organize their programs, track their impact, and reduce resource waste.”
Read the full article.

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PC Magazine

6 Factors to Consider When Upgrading Your HR TechBY MICHELLE V. RAFTER, JULY 22, 2016

“George Weiner wishes he knew a year ago what he does today about choosing human resources (HR) technology. Instead, the founder and CEO of Whole Whale, a digital marketing agency for nonprofits, learned the hard way that the cheapest option for managing employee data isn’t always the best, even when it’s a name brand…”- Read the full article.

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Pivotal Tracker

Case Study: Whole Whale, March 2016

“I’m a big believer that our current business models are really broken, … So I try to throw out much of what industry would tell you,” Weiner says. “My number one goal is: how can we make this hands-down the best possible place to work? It starts from that seed, and then we work through the systems and processes so that people have the framework and ingredients to succeed with regard to delivering products.” – Read the full article.

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GANT – The Look Book

The Prophet in Non-profit, September 2015

“Weiner, a natural problem-solver, puts his mission this way: “All these tactics are being used to sell you more widgets and take on more credit card debt—why not use them to increase the number of teenagers creating poems online?” He alludes to Power Poetry, which has (with his help) become the country’s largest platform for teenage verse and is one of many beneficiaries of Weiner’s conscientious approach to tech.” Read the full article.

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They Changed the World. Not the Shirt Print, Sept 15, 2015

“George Weiner, Founder WholeWhale.com They changed the world. Not the Shirt”. Social impact ad campaign featuring Whole Whale.

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They Changed the World. Not the Shirt. Sept 15, 2015

“George Weiner. Founder and CEO of Whole Whale. A digital agency that leverages data and technology to increase the impact of nonprofits. (University of Pennsylvania, 2001–2005)”Read the article.

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How Passive Aggressive Texts From A French Bulldog Can Help Nonprofits: All Good Text Delivers Critical Data via SMS, March 2015

Written by Kyle Kelly-Yahner.

“Some of the most valuable resources at a nonprofit are the organization’s web data. We built All Good Text to equip nonprofits with a Data Watchdog who keeps a leash on their data. Twilio enables us to deliver texts that keep nonprofits abreast of their important metrics,” says Ann Nguyen, co-creator of All Good Text.” Read the full article on Twilio’s blog.

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The NonProfit Times

Tech Nonprofit Columnist, 2015

Articles written by Whole Whale on the future of social impact tech.

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The Huffington Post

Columnist, Impact & Tech Section, 2012-2015

Articles written by Whole Whale on the intersection of data and impact.

Under 30 CEO

Under 30 CEO

Entrepreneurial Cliff Diving: Interview with Whole Whale’s George Weiner By Michael Luchies Jan 19, 2015

“When you start a business, there are two versions of driving a car off of a cliff. You’ve got the Dukes of Hazard style where there is a bridge on the other side; their at least aimed at something. The other is the Thelma and Louise (style), where there are no sort of goals other than the bottom of the canyon. When I drove my car off of the cliff, I was aimed very carefully.”Article and podcast interview.

Under 30 CEO


Top 10 Most Popular Nonprofit Podcasts of 2014 By Podbean, online – December, 2014

“Using the Whole Whale Podcast’ made the Top 10 list of Most Popular Podbean Podcasts of 2014 in the Government & Organizations category. We’re celebrating your success and featuring this list on the category page” Podbean top podcasts.

Under 30 CEO

Fast Company

ZILCH: Get what you want for nothing. How to profit by behaving like a not-for-profit By Nancy Lublin,  Print July-August 2010

“This young guy named George once interviewed for a PR job at my not-for-profit. He didn’t know much about media, but he’d spent a lot of time trolling our Web site. He demonstrated a keen appreciation of our purpose, brand, and target market. Plus, George was a long-distance runner in college, and I like runners because they’ll go toward a goal for ridiculous lengths of time without the promise of much glory.” Read the article.

Under 30 CEO

Forbes / Entrepreneurs

Will 2014 Be GivingTuesdays’s Breakthrough Year? By Tom Watson, Nov 30,2014

“Call it the Philanthropy Super Bowl in development – the first two years were essentially low-rated exhibition matches between rival leagues, but Super Bowl III had Joe Namath beating the mighty Colts, and the sports-obsessed nation never looked back. This may well be GivingTuesday’s Broadway Joe moment. Over at digital consultancy Whole Whale, founder George Weiner thinks so – his team predicts this year’s GT will double last year’s financial result, raising over $54 million.” Read the article.

Under 30 CEO

Forbes / Entrepreneurs

Net Neutrality And Social Entrepreneurship: Why Freedom To Create And Share Matters By Tom Watson, 1/15/2014

“George Weiner, former CTO of online social enterprise DoSomething.organd founder of the nonprofit consulting firm WholeWhale, also sees a growing gap between the digital have nots, with a chilling effect on innovation. “Losing net neutrality would accelerate a digital divide on pace with the historically lopsided income divide,” says Weiner. “It would slow new innovations in the social sector like low income online banking, that leverage technology to connect and create access to crucial services.”The end of net neutrality, he argued, would place the future of a vital public resource in private hands – with predictable results”“In a future where access to information is added to our basic human rights, this is tantamount to giving control of how much air we can breath and at what price to Time Warner. A company that I am still waiting on to fix my cable between the hours of 11:10 a.m and 11:15 a.m. Monday to Friday, no holidays.” Read the article on Forbes.

Under 30 CEO

NTEN Change – Quarterly Journal for Nonprofit Leaders

The Rise of “Data Culture” in the Nonprofit Sector By Whole Whale, December, 2013

“Harnessing the full power of big data has only been a practice available to the privileged few who can afford it, adopting a “data culture” is a way that even small nonprofits can compete in this landscape” Read the full article.