Why Website Optimization matters

Long gone are the days of set-and-forget brochure websites. Nonprofits that invest time into their websites can drive online engagement that turn into real world impact. Learn how to continuously optimize your organization’s website to increase meaningful interactions.

What you’ll learn


  • Understand how to design for behavior
  • Learn SEO basics
  • The importance of A/B testing

Where to start


Great nonprofit websites go beyond informing users to influencing them to take actions. Learn how to convert your site visitors for good with these tips and tricks.

SEO + Content Marketing

Even if you build it, they will not come unless there is good content. Understand how SEO factors into the success of your nonprofit’s site.

Test + measure

Every content and design decision, no matter how good, is just a best guess. Test your assumptions in order to continuously improve your site by A/B testing and using optimization tools.

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Building Better Traffic: Content Marketing + SEO to Drive Impact

You have your website, but how do you get people to get through the front door? The answer: strategic content marketing. Want your site to be authoritative and relevant? Of course you do. That’s why writing for the web to attract both humans and search robots is so important. In our course, you will learn more than just the theory behind content marketing and SEO. Discover how to decide what to write and how to write it in order to increase engaged, organic traffic to your site. You’ll walk away with clear steps to immediately implement, track, and measure this strategy at your organization.

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