The whole whale strategy

By asking, “What do the data say?” we capitalize on existing resources and build a ‘Data Culture’ within every organization we work with. We help nonprofits and for-benefit organizations do more of what matters.

We take a holistic approach and tailor our services to the unique needs of each client. Whether that’s data analysis, digital strategy, web development, or training, we help our clients reach their goals and build their own capacity.

Whole Whale offers services throughout North America, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Spain.

How we choose clients

We don’t run down the aisle with just anyone. Before taking on any project or retainer client the entire team considers the following questions and votes.

• Is this a cause we believe in?
• Is this a ‘good’, well run organization?
• Would the staff be fun to work with?
• Is this the type of work we are the best at doing?
• Do the timing and budget work?

Retainer Services

The monthly retainer balances all of our services over the course of a 6-12 month project. The retainer moves through 4 major phases of work that start with setting up digital goals, then builds traffic and finally optimizes major calls-to-action through A/B testing. The goal of all of our retainer projects is to build capacity within the organizations with whom we  work.


The Chief Technology Officer helps ensure the success of an organization by making sure the tech strategy and team is in place to meet the business needs of the organization. Every project starts with an impact strategy survey that informs a goal chart that aligns digital outputs with the larger purpose of the organization. We offer flexible, on-call strategic advice and development insight to ensure the short/long-term technological stability of the organization.

Rent-a-CTO Case Studies

Google AdWords Grants Management

Google offers an unrivaled outreach opportunity through its AdWords grant program which awards nonprofits $10,000 a month in search-based advertising. To date, Whole Whale spent over $5 million dollars in Google AdWords grants through careful assessment of search metrics and keyword optimization. We are experts at fully leveraging the grant budget to maximize outreach and meet organizational goals. Or you can do it yourself with our online Google AdWords grant course!

Google AdWords Grant Case Studies

Google Analytics Setup & Insights

If your Google Analytics (GA) account isn’t configured properly you are basically driving blindly down the digital highway. We set up custom events, goals, cross-domain tracking, demographic training, and refine your GA account to track the real impact that matters. On a monthly basis, we run a full analysis of your site to identify top-performing resources as well as recommendations.

Google Analytics Case Studies

Web Design + Development

With a passion for content and the way it’s presented, we love to help enhance and clarify an organization’s interaction with the world. Just as every sentence of a speech is crafted to engage, so too should every page of a website strive to sell the message and story of your nonprofit or B Corp. 

Web Design Case Studies

Custom data analysis

We analyze data across web analytics, donor databases, email CRMs, social platforms, and programmatic data in order to find insights. Our approach places your data in context to help you understand your organization’s performance in comparison to others’ in the industry. Beyond a snapshot of performance metrics, we also provide recommendations to maximize your digital impact. Whole Whale believes in driving action from data so much that we created a product around it.

Custom Data Analysis Case Studies

A/B testing

We ask the question, “How can we make this better”? By utilizing A/B testing, we are able to maximize conversions by running comparisons of different content strategies and design approaches. We are not afraid to challenge assumptions and let the data guide us towards optimization of the three key areas of a website. Through our process we also build A/B testing capacity and expertise into the existing team.

A/B Testing Case Studies

Digital Training

Whole Whale consults with our clients to build a “data culture” within their organizations. A process that trains staff to ask “what do the data say”? and then understand how to analyze the right data to find the answer. We produce content and offer customized, in-person trainings to build capacity.

Digital Training Case Studies

Karaoke crashing

Yes, this is a joke because we know less than 50% of website visitors make it this far down a page. However, we do love karaoke and will happily crash your party. On a serious note, we do have an awesome musician on staff: Greg Thomas, find his dulcet tones at

Content Marketing + SEO

We help social impact organizations figure out how to optimize the content they have and then identify new content design to add value to their audience. We leverage tools like, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics to analyze the performance of organic traffic. Finally we make sure your team understands the basics of content marketing with resources like these. We’re so passionate about content marketing and SEO, it’s the topic of one of our Whole Whale University course modules!

Content marketing Case Studies

SMS strategy

We help design and implement effective text messaging (SMS) strategies to help your organization grow list size and engagement. Emails have a +/- open rate of 20%, SMS has a +95% open rate and chances are over 75% of your audience has a mobile phone. Our preferred provider is Mobile Commons.

SMS Strategy Case Studies

Digital Advertising

We love all things free and in-kind but sometimes you have to pay-to-play with digital marketing. We use analytics to track goals that matter and work with your budget to optimize for cost per conversion – not just useless clicks to your site. We are also super paranoid about fraud and help you steer around the thousands of bots out there.

Digital Advertising Case Studies

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Service Packages

Nonprofit Accelerator

This focused project will help your organization go from 0-60mph for digital impact and typically takes 2 months.

  • Digital Impact Assessment + Engagement Funnel
  • Google Analytics goal setup + Google Tag Manager configuration
  • Google AdWords Grant optimization + maximization
  • Digital Training on focused topic
  • Digital Insight Report on focused topic
  • Not just for nonprofits! We can work this strategy with your B Corp or social-impact organization.

Impact Growth Hacking

This project builds the framework, strategy, and capacity for your organization to maximize its digital impact over the course of 3 months.

  • Digital Impact Assessment & Engagement Funnel
  • Google Analytics goal setup + Google Tag Manager configuration
  • Google AdWords Grant optimization + maximization
  • SEO Audit + Content Marketing plan
  • Social media analytics audit
  • Digital Training + Digital Impact Workshop (2 hours)

Digital Fundraising Accelerator

This 3 month project takes a microscope to the data around a nonprofit’s donors and helps create a web acquisition strategy to improve fundraising ROI.

  • Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager configuration for donors
  • Donor insight report (cycle time, retention, demographics)
  • Digital Communication analytics audit + recommendation
  • A/B testing of lead conversion pages
  • Google AdWords Grant configuration for donors acquisition

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