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If you’re reading this you must be doing some homework on us, nice! Founded in 2010, Whole Whale is a certified B Corp digital agency that leverages web data and technology to increase impact. We help nonprofits and for-good companies make the best use of their website, analytics, digital content, advertising, social media, email, and more to achieve their goals. We also offer products like GetLighthouse.io, Politweets.org and online courses designed to build capacity.  Our headquarters are based in Brooklyn, NY and we have offices in San Francisco, CA and Germany.

What’s with the name?

The ‘Whole Whale’ strategy is about looking at an organization’s resources in a different way — the way indigenous coastal communities looked at each part of a whale. It is about leveraging existing resources to say, “What else can this do for us”?

In an industry known for its limited resources, we leverage every part of a nonprofit or social impact organization to maximize impact and reduce waste, just as the indigenous arctic communities used the whole whale. Scarcity breeds creativity, and in the harsh cold arctic regions of the 3000 BC era, communities survived on their ability to harvest drift whales, finding a use for every part of the whale, from the blubber to the bones.

We are inspired by the mindset of maximizing precious resources and transform it into impact. By bridging the gap between nonprofits and technology, we aim to increase their impact, build a data culture, and help organizations do more of what matters.

100+ social impact partners

Working with over 100 nonprofits and for-benefit organizations since 2010 — See our work and what they have to say about us

Operating in 5 countries

Whole Whale operates in 5 countries (United States, DACH, and Spain) with offices in Brooklyn, San Francisco, and Berlin

$10 million+ digital ads

We’ve managed a lot of online social impact advertising including the Google Ad Grant, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter

Certified leader

Member of the Google Ad Grants Certified Professionals Community (only 28 firms globally) with professional certifications in Google Analytics, Facebook Ads, Salesforce Pardot, and others

1 Million+ learning engagements

Through our free online and offline resources (including articlesvideospodcasts, and trainings) for using data and technology to increase social impact

100+ podcasts

Discussing important issues and tactics with amazing leaders like marketing guru Seth Godin from organizations like LyftBox, and the USO

4 successful tech products

To help nonprofits succeed including Whole Whale University courses, RFP generator SNORKL, email visitor tracker Lighthouse, and twitter advocacy tool Politweets

As seen on…

Covered in The Atlantic and Wired, and taking the stage at nonprofit digital conferences/events and top universities, including NTEN’s NTC, SXSW, Strata Data, NYU, and Columbia

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