Why the name “Whole Whale”?

We are a nonprofit focused digital agency, so why the funny name? Whole Whale strategy is about looking at a nonprofit’s resources in a different way — the way Inuit looked at each part of a whale. It is about leveraging existing resources to say, “What else can this do for us”?


In an industry known for its limited resources, we leverage every part of a nonprofit to maximize impact and reduce waste, just as the Inuits used the whole whale. Scarcity breeds creativity, and in the harsh cold of Alaska 7,000 years ago, the Inuit people had already identified a use for every part of the whale, from the blubber to the bones.

We are inspired by the Inuits’ ability to use the whale and transform it into a plethora of resources. By bridging the gap between nonprofits and technology, we aim to increase their impact, build a data culture, and help organizations do more of what matters.

+65 nonprofits

We’ve partnered with over 65 nonprofits. See what they have to say about us.

15 countries

Whalers travel to 15 countries on average each year. Yay unlimited vacation!

+100k learning Engagements

Since 2010, we’ve provided free online and in-person learning engagements for thousands of nonprofits.

+$6 million

We’ve spent a lot on social impact advertising through Google AdWords and Facebook.

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