The main goal of DEI work is to restore power to people who have historically been separated from it. We are curious people at Whole Whale. We continuously reflect on ourselves, our work, and the work of our clients to make sure we are uplifting diverse voices and handing over the tools, resources, and power that marginalized people deserve. No matter what age, race, ethnicity, nationality, color, creed, class, religion, gender, gender conformity, sexual orientation, or ability.

In addition, as a company named for the endangered whale, we are also conscious of the devastation of the planet for the sake of unmitigated profit. The climate crisis has and will continue to deeply and disproportionately impact the lives of people of color. As a B Corp, we are committed to operating sustainably, taking steps to minimize our carbon emissions and do our part in protecting our environment and the people who are most affected by climate change.

And while we acknowledge that many communities face discrimination, it is necessary to underscore the everyday violence of deeply embedded systemic racism that Black and Brown people face. It’s unfortunate we have to reiterate such a simple fact, but Black Lives Matter. 

With this framework and continuously engaging in difficult conversations, we are doing our part to promote a more diverse, inclusive, and equitable community.