In 2010, Whole Whale began at the kitchen table with a staff of one in Brooklyn. A little while later the amazing team at Blue Ridge Labs, (A program of Robin Hood) invited our growing team to work in their offices. After 5 years our team had grown to 5, and I began to look into becoming an official B Corp. Going through the certification process I quickly realized that there was A LOT more than a commitment to our social mission that goes into qualifying. Even though Whole Whale supported incredible nonprofits having a major impact like Planned Parenthood, Malala Fund, Global Giving, and VolunteerMatch (to name a few) this only covered a small part of the assessment. 


We were a company committed to helping close the data and tech knowledge gap in the social impact sector, however, our initial assessment showed we needed a more holistic approach to solidify our impact in the world. We set about doing just that.

Our approach to impact and our staff continued to grow over the next few years. Soon we graduated from a WeWork office in DUMBO to our own space a couple of blocks down the road. Over this time the B Corp network and brand continued to expand and in late 2018 we decided we were ready to apply. We passed the 80 point threshold with room to spare, scoring a 91.2. After a 2-hour assessment interview and many, many follow-ups we became an official member of the B Corp network in June of 2019 and proudly add the Certified B Corporation logo to our site. 

2019 Certification Score

2023 Recertification

From 2019 to 2023 our team grew to 29 people, taking on a variety of new challenges and creating a larger educational digital footprint. Our recertification was a thorough review of governance, community, workers, environment and customer practices. We were very proud to pass with an even higher score of 93.7.

With a focused effort over several years, we built up a progressive and fair benefits program for the team, community and customer impact at Whole Whale that led to a 2.5 points improvement. 

We’re proud to continue to be among the ranks of Kickstarter, Patagonia, Ben & Jerry’s, and Seventh Generation as a certified B Corp!

Here is our public B Corporation page

My name is George Weiner and I am the Chief Whaler of Whole Whale