Help Create Trusted Resources

Whole Whale is proud to be a resource for 80,000 monthly users looking for information around nonprofit marketing and resources. We have a YouTube Channel (4.5k subs/20k monthly views), Podcast (3k downloads/month), Webinars (avg 150 attendees, max 500), and Newsletter (10k).

We don’t allow guest posts and guest content is by invite only. There are opportunities to sponsor featured content on our main channels. Sponsoring content will cover the cost of research, editing and creation of reputable content that will drive relevant attention to your product or service over time.

Disclaimer: We only create content for resources and tools that we believe in, and for those who have a track record of creating impact and adding value to the nonprofit community.

YouTube Educational Training video

  • COST: $4k per episode
  • Up to a 10 minute production edited and released on our platform, connecting to existing indexed videos. Ability to co-create script for our trainer to read
  • Inclusion of any custom graphics
  • Product screen narrated walkthrough
  • $200 allocated for targetted advertising promotion of content
  • Backlinks in description
  • Custom content page also created on Whole Whale’s site organized in resources section for ongoing SEO value.
  • Links from to your org’s site → averages 80k visitor/month, a backlink from us can boost your site’s SEO value.
Example video, and landing page:

Sponsored Webinar

  • COST: $1,200 per hour-long webinar which includes
  • List of 10,000 nonprofit professionals, an average of 60-100 attendees per webinar, 100 – 500 RSVPs depending on topics
  • Planning, Zoom setup, moderation, promotion to our audience (email, social, and advertising), and CSV file of registrants that opt-in to the partner’s list
  • Based in the United States, working in all cause verticals and organizations of all sizes
  • Beginner to intermediate level in digital marketing and technology
  • $200 In new audience advertising based on a target audience.
  • Listed on webinar events page and archived in our Whole Whale University catalog.
  • Sponsored small group discussion after the event: $250 per room
    • Includes: Planning, technical setup, 15 minutes facetime with a select group of attendees, and attendee emails to message them after the conversation

Upcoming Webinars

  • All
  • Fundraising

Podcast episode sponsorship

  • COST: $1,000 per episode
  • Be a guest on an episode of Using the Whole Whale Podcast, average 4k downloads/month
  • Past guests include Seth Godin, Avinash Kaushik, Lyft Social Impact,,, Greenpeace,, Kiva, HopeLab, Malaria No More, CTL, Donor’s Choose and many other industry leaders.
  • WW produces and promotes, puts $100 of fee into advertising to capture larger and relevant listeners
  • Links from to your org’s site, a backlink from us can boost your site’s SEO value.
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