ALICE creates products that help people save money and build credit — including ALICE Metro, which offers 30-day unlimited MetroCards for $28.50 per week.


The Challenge

The ALICE team wanted to make sure they were getting the most out of their web data in order to learn from their users and make their website even more useful, informative, and effective. They were also ramping up social media and advertising campaigns and wanted to make sure they were on the right track toward building a #DataCulture.

What we did

In 2015, Whole Whale worked on a small project that gave the ALICE site and ad strategy a comprehensive audit with recommendations.

Google Analytics

We first looked at their Google Analytics setup, identifying a few additional features to be built. We designed a custom goal funnel so they could track how far users got in their multi-page signup process. We also used Google Tag Manager to create custom page events so that the team would have a more accurate picture of user behavior.

Google AdWords Grant

ALICE’s AdWords account also received a thorough audit, along with recommendations for more accurately targeting the ALICE audience. Likewise, with Facebook and Twitter accounts just being launched, we gave guidelines for filling out and maintaining these accounts while overseeing paid engagement campaigns.

Capacity Building

Finally, a digital strategy training left the ALICE team self-sufficient and ready to move forward in building a #DataCulture throughout the team.



Services Provided: