Website: etr.org

ETR is a non-profit organization committed to improving health outcomes and advancing health equity for youth, families, and communities.

The Opportunity

Whole Whale worked closely with the ETR team over the course of a three-year project to implement eCommerce analytics tracking, optimize their Google Ad Grant, content marketing to increase organic traffic to product pages, and support of marketing of new campaigns like HealthSmart and YTH Live to drive revenue and traffic.

Services Provided

  • Analytics & Insights
  • Content Marketing & SEO
  • Email Marketing
  • Digital Advertising
  • Website Support
  • CRO & A/B Testing
  • Campaign Strategy
  • Google Ad Grant
  • Training & Capacity-Building

What We Did

Add to Cart: Advancing Health Equity using eCommerce and Google Ads

ETR was looking for support in the management of the Google Ad Grant, as well as a total refresh of their Google Analytics setup in order to better understand what drives users to their sites and track purchases of their educational products. 

  • 27% increase in purchases from Google Ads year-over-year
  • 78% increase in sessions from the Google Ad Grant year-over-year
  • 31% increase in organic traffic year-over-year

ETR.org e-commerce tracking & cross-domain visibility

At the start of the project, Whole Whale audited the ETR.org analytics account and ensured all 11 subsites were being tracked in one Google Analytics property to create efficiencies in reporting down the line. We configured events, goals, and enhanced eCommerce tracking to show the ETR team how varying marketing communications drive users towards key actions and higher store revenue. Whole Whale then analyzed outcomes to identify key audience segments and dive into how they engage with ETR online.

Youth Tech Health (YTH) is an initiative of ETR dedicated to helping those in search of new ways to advance the health of youth and young adults through technology. Upon a new partnership with YTH, ETR inherited over a dozen new sites and 50 new Google Analytics properties. Whole Whale worked with the ETR team to map out how to best organize these sites into a data management system that was both intuitive for those who needed easy access to web analytics and representative of the merge. In anticipation of ETR either building or inheriting more project sites down the line, we architected a tracking system using Google Tag Manager that would allow ETR to easily add more properties over time, while ensuring that tracking of core user behaviors would automatically scale across sites. With the success of this data design, we have begun implementing similar data blueprints for any organization that has Google Analytics installed on at least two or more domains. 

As data accessibility is a pillar of Whole Whale’s work, we created a high-level site scorecard post- data cleanup so ETR Directors could get an easy-to-read report on traffic to all active sites.

Whole Whale also built an executive dashboard for the Director of Product Development & Dissemination to track how different communication strategies and UX improvements impact user behavior.  In early 2021, we also added more customized analytics setup and dashboards for analyzing priority projects like the Tobacco Education Clearinghouse of California (TECC). Following the creation of this dashboard, we led a series of trainings with ETR’s team to build internal teams’ reporting and data capacity.

Increasing traffic and conversions with Google Ads

ETR needed a restructure of their Google Ad Grant account to comply with Google’s new policies as well as to streamline ongoing management. Whole Whale optimized their grant account to drive key conversions for ETR’s goals and initiatives. We continue to manage and optimize their Google Ads campaign calendar to improve copy and keyword updates and align with organizational campaigns, including ongoing testing and anticipating increases in search volume from issue awareness months and search trends. 

Sessions from 2019-2021 

Ad Grant wins from 2019-2021 include:

  • 78% increase in sessions from the Google Ad Grant year-over-year
  • 27% increase in purchases from Google Ads year-over-year
  • $17,000+ in health product purchase revenue from Google Ads users in 2020
  • 3x increase in revenue year-over-year during Q1 2021

Whole Whale also worked with ETR to plan digital marketing campaigns for priority products throughout the year. We created a collaborative campaign calendar and mapped out which Google Ads to update each month. We also created a custom UTM tag builder for ETR to generate campaign-tagged URLs to use on social media and email to better understand what content was resonating most with their audience. Whole Whale updated ETR’s dashboard to allow for easy filtering by these campaign tags, and led a training with the team to ensure all were able to find the data they needed.

Optimizing Product Pages to Drive Sales 

Whole Whale conducted a technical SEO audit and devised a content marketing strategy to optimize the content on the ETR site for search. Our research focused on generating a targeted keyword list to update priority product pages to increase traffic. We also analyzed engagement with these pages and provided recommendations to improve user experience and drive sales. 

  • 31% increase in organic traffic year-over-year
  • 44% increase in revenue from organic traffic year-over-year

Services Provided: