Website: GoodUnited.org

GoodUnited helps nonprofits nurture relationships with their donors to increase retention. Through customized emails and unique content creation, GoodUnited helps nonprofits tailor their messaging to their supporters. The data from email and content engagement is used to inform nonprofits of what their donors care about, because when you know what motivates your donors to give, you can get them to give again and again.


The Challenge

GoodUnited needed to build a web-lead-sales system in order to increase the number of nonprofit clients. They wanted to use digital advertising to test messaging, and Google Analytics to get more data on their site activity. Their team is quick and eager to learn, so the goal was to pass on knowledge to them so they could take on all projects internally.

What we did

Over the course of 3 months, Whole Whale worked closely with the co-founders to test different digital advertising strategies and messaging to set up a successful system.

Google Analytics

This work emphasized digital goal setting, dashboards, and Google Data Studio reports set up through Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager. We helped the team learn more about advanced goal attribution and how to analyze activity from digital ads.

Digital Advertising

Initially, Whole Whale devised a Facebook advertising strategy and ran multiple campaigns testing copy, images, and calls to action. When we saw this strategy was expensive and not garnering high quality leads, Whole Whale shifted to AdWords search ads. These were more effective at driving leads for a lower cost per acquisition, as well as at informing the GoodUnited team of which value propositions drove product demo signups.

Content Marketing & SEO

Using the AdWords ad data and keyword research, Whole Whale crafted a content marketing strategy for GoodUnited. This included a content modeling guide to be used by anyone on their team, a list of keywords to target and suggested headlines, an editorial calendar, and a training on these materials. Whole Whale also analyzed the success of previous GoodUnited articles to inform a strategic content promotion strategy.

Webinar Strategy

A great strategy for garnering leads and increasing brand awareness? Webinars and events! Whole Whale co-hosted a webinar with GoodUnited on using content marketing to increase donor retention for 100 attendees. Whole Whale prepped GoodUnited on their presentation and gave them a guide on event outreach and promotion.

Digital Training

Throughout the project, Whole Whale built capacity in the GoodUnited team through trainings, checklists, and reusable templates that the team can use independently.

Services Provided: