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Greater Than AIDS (GTA) is a leading public information response to the U.S. domestic HIV/AIDS epidemic. Directed by the Kaiser Family Foundation, GTA features a focus on the areas and people most affected, working to increase knowledge and understanding of the disease through targeted media messages and community outreach. GTA and its partners work to increase knowledge, confront the stigma surrounding HIV/AIDS, and promote actions to stem its spread.

The Challenge

GTA wanted to make sure they are being as effective as possible with their resources, making sure that their content reaches the right audiences on the right platforms in a cost-effective way while building capacity on their team for all things digital.

What we did

Over the past year, Whole Whale has worked with the GTA team to run digital advertising campaigns for good, training their team along the way.

Digital Advertising

GTA’s media assets have included informational gifs, banner ads, targeted social media posts, and inspirational videos. For each new campaign, Whole Whale has helped the GTA team answer the question: Where and how should we promote these assets to have the biggest impact? Using a data-driven approach, we have worked with the GTA team to craft an effective digital placement strategy, including platform selection and budgeting, targeting, ongoing analysis and moderation, and impact reporting. Our results-driven approach has led to hundreds of thousands of users engaging with their campaigns.

Google Analytics Configuration

We have also helped GTA implement advanced Google Analytics tracking to get a richer understanding of how users are engaging on their site. We can track when users are searching for health providers in their area, when and where they watch videos, when they click out to partner websites, and when they download promotional materials. All of this enables the GTA team to improve the digital experience over time for their users, and helps us to measure the success of our advertising.

Google AdWords Grant

To complement our digital advertising work, we helped GTA gain access to and leverage the Google AdWords Grant, which now drives even more users to the site each month. Optimizing the grant over time means driving more important actions on the site from this traffic source and continuing to find new ways to capture a captive audience.

Email + Social Media Strategy

GTA is a popular resource for news and support for those affected by HIV/AIDS and their larger community of supporters. Through trainings, we have helped the GTA team bolster their knowledge in these areas to make their social media platforms an even better place to spark important conversations and serve this community. By analyzing past performance of both email and social media, we’ve provided data-informed recommendations to continue to grow followers and engagement on all platforms.


“The Whole Whale team is amazing! They know the digital world inside and out, and have been instrumental in helping our team enhance the Greater Than AIDS campaign’s online presence with a focus on digital ads, analytics, email marketing, and social media strategy. Not only are they skilled at making sure our information is reaching the right people through the best platforms, they are great at slicing and dicing data in meaningful ways. And they always take the time to share information and do trainings along the way. The Whole Whale team is a group of mission-driven, passionate people who have the skills and knowledge to use resources in the most effective and impactful way.”

– Jennie Anderson, Senior Program Manager, Kaiser Family Foundation, Greater Than AIDS (Feb. 2017)

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