Website: HonoringtheFuture.org

As a program under the Open Space Institute, Honoring the Future’s mission is to harness the power of art to educate, empower, and engage the public on climate change. They ‘honor the future’ by giving voice to today’s artists, whose work recognizes a changing climate, to our students, who bear the consequences of our energy and lifestyle choices, and to the American people, who must summon creativity and courage, individually and collectively, to respond to our climate challenge.


The Challenge

Honoring the Future wanted to better understand how to build and measure their online audience while also filtering out known bot traffic. They also needed assistance with configuring Google Analytics and identifying opportunities to grow site traffic.

What we did

In 2015, Whole Whale worked on a short project with Honoring The Future to define, track and grow digital impact.

Google Analytics & Impact Mapping

Whole Whale was able to identify and filter out bot traffic from Google Analytics that had been throwing off true user data. We set up accurate analytics goals to track desired user actions on the site and mapped them to a larger digital strategy. In tandem with this, WW explored a content marketing strategy that could leverage the site to drive deeper action. Additionally, a  full one-year insight report on traffic was created to custom dashboards for staff to see user behavior moving forward.


“Whole Whale helped our nonprofit project create a digital communications strategy with clear measurable goals, weekly analytical reports, and ideas for achieving the aim of our website: to harness the power of art to engage the public on climate change. We couldn’t be more pleased!”
– Frances A. Dubrowski, Project Director Honoring the Future – An Open Space Institute Project. (April 2015)

Services Provided: