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The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Communication Programs houses one of the largest web platforms helping to distribute health resources worldwide. This rich collection comprises journal articles, photos, online courses, and other resources.


The Challenge

Product owners at Johns Hopkins lacked the right tools for their reporting needs. They wasted time digging up data and couldn’t easily share this data with each other, which affected how they reported to funders and learned about their users.

What we did

In 2014, Whole Whale worked closely with the Bloomberg School of Public Health and various health website properties to increase their ability to track web behavior.

Google Analytics & Impact Mapping

We worked with each product owner to configure their analytics profiles so that they were tracking all the right information. Updated analytics code also allowed for better data sharing between property owners. We built custom goal funnels, reports, and dashboards to keep team members connected to their data and held trainings to teach the Johns Hopkins team — from novices to experts — how to better use Google Analytics.


After tracking and dashboards were in place for the different properties, Whole Whale created custom trainings to make sure the different teams understood their web analytics.


“It’s amazing how empowered the right dashboard can make a person feel. I have to admit, when I first opened my custom report and saw all that data finally in the same place, I teared up a bit at my desk. I know K4Health has a broad audience, but to see that we’re on track for more than 150,000 sessions per month across the Repository–and to see that data day-by-day–is inspiring as well as useful.”

– Simone Parrish, Global Repository Director, Knowledge for Health (K4Health) Project. (July 2014)

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