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Founded in 1979, Maryland League of Conservation Voters (LCV) is a nonpartisan, 501(c)(4) that serves as a political voice for the environment. Maryland LCV is best known for their comprehensive yearly scorecard that evaluates the environmental votes of individual state legislators.


The Challenge

The yearly scorecard is a big undertaking for this small team, so they came to Whole Whale with one major question: Is this project worth our time and is it making an impact? They also wanted to understand their web analytics and where they should be focusing for future website development.

What we did

In 2015, Whole Whale performed a Google Analytics audit and optimized web analytics tracking for the Maryland LCV. We analyzed the past three years of scorecard data and completed a year-over-year insight report for both of their websites that revealed opportunities for the Maryland LCV to engage users who were visiting the environmental scorecard. Finally, we put together a technology planning document that provided technical recommendations for future website updates. The team left with a plan for traffic growth and a clear direction for the technical strategy.


Services Provided: