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New Dramatists provides playwrights with time, space, and resources in the company of gifted peers to create work, realize their artistic potential, and make lasting contributions to the theatre.


The Challenge

The New Dramatists team was looking for guidance on how to measure and grow their digital presence. They wanted to better quantify and align their website analytics with their programmatic goals. In addition to this, they wanted to take advantage of digital growth opportunities like the Google AdWords Grant.


What we did

In 2015, Whole Whale worked with New Dramatists on a focused project around building traffic and the ability to track digital impact.

Google Analytics + Impact Mapping

Whole Whale walked the New Dramatists team through our impact survey and helped create a BHAG (Big Huge Audacious Goal) chart with digital goals mapped out to the organization’s larger strategy. The next phase saw the setup of their Google Analytics account in order to track these goals. WW built training into the beginning of this strategy so that the team innately knew how these metrics worked. In order to establish benchmarks and goals, WW created data insight reports around audience demographics and available past web data.

Google AdWords Grant

Whole Whale optimized the New Dramatists Google AdWords grant improving overall traffic by 30% (including a 13x improvement in AdWords traffic).

Digital Training

WW worked with the New Dramatists team and created custom trainings for Google Analytics and Google AdWords to ensure they understood how to manage and measure their digital work moving forward.


“In an industry littered with firms wanting to help you acquire “customers” and “sell” things, Whole Whale stands alone in its dedication to helping grassroots non-profits bulk up their digital muscles. They understand you and they understand the tools they’re teaching – two things which are not mutually exclusive. We learned a lot, quickly, and feel better equipped to swim with the sharks.”

– Morgan Allen, Director of Finance & New Media at New Dramatists. (May 2015)

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