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The National Stroke Association’s mission is to reduce the incidences and impact of stroke through compelling education and programs focused on prevention, treatment, rehabilitation, and support.


The Challenge

The National Stroke Association wanted to maximize their AdWords Grant and improve their ability to connect web traffic to real impact. In addition, they wanted to build capacity within their team with regards to their access to and facility with Google Analytics data in order to improve operations.

What we did

Beginning in 2014, Whole Whale worked as an extension of the digital team of the National Stroke Association to build their audience and help analyze data to improve impact. Our work extended across advertising, SEO, analytics, A/B testing, and digital strategy through our retainer relationship.

Google AdWords Grant

Whole Whale worked on new digital advertising strategies to promote stroke awareness and build their subscriber base. We brought Google AdWords Grant utilization from 50% to 95% in just 10 days, more than doubling paid traffic to the site in this time period and using it more effectively to drive acquisition. We also performed A/B tests using Optimizely, resulting in a 65% increase in the conversion rate of their magazine signup page, and implemented other website optimization strategies. Our latest digital advertising campaign helped 25,000 people receive important information about spasticity.

Google Analytics + Impact Mapping

Whole Whale set up and managed Google Analytics to track important goals for the organization that directly relate to impact. By creating custom dashboards and regular monthly reporting, we have helped to increase the use of data in decision making.

Digital Strategy

Given the National Stroke Association’s impressive organic traffic, we spotted the opportunity to capture more organic users into the organization’s email database. Implementing a popup strategy helped double the number of monthly email signups. Whole Whale regularly helped consult on the optimal way to structure digital campaigns for both programming and donations in order to maximize results.

Capacity Building

In 2016, Stroke added multiple new members to their Marketing and Communications team. Whole Whale assisted in onboarding and training new staff in Google Analytics, Campaign Tagging, Google AdWords, Facebook Advertising, and SEO. Whole Whale also conducted a content marketing training for the entire National Stroke Association team. Offering hands-on small group and one-on-one assistance helped their team to take on these projects and to build an internal data culture.


“After struggling for a year to maximize the spend of our Google Grant, Whole Whale was able to max it out after just one month. They also helped us refine our keywords and campaigns so that all of our grant ads helped us achieve a specific and measurable goal. Now we can really see the value of our Google Grant, as the ROI and measurable impact have never been clearer.”

– Kevin Vicker, Manager, Marketing and Communications, National Stroke Association. (April 2015)

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