The Grassroot Project serves to educate at-risk youth from Washington D.C. about HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention by utilizing Division I “student-athlete” role models.



The Challenge

TGP wanted to rethink their social media communication strategy based on data from the field and set up tangible goals to track going forward. For that they needed to create a training for their college volunteers, who would be partly responsible for social outreach.

What we did

Whole Whale worked with the TGP team to create a comprehensive social media strategy and the outcome metrics to measure. We provided on-the-ground training for the staff and volunteers of TGP and showed them how to track impact through social listening tools. This was accomplished through setting up a tool that tracks and aggregates all social media platforms. We also discovered that Lebron James was following TGP, leading to the idea of prioritizing key advocates on social media.



“Big shout-out to Whole Whale for developing an amazing Social Media Strategy for The Grassroot Project! We learned how to create content in a fun and approachable way, and engage youth in our online platforms and programs. Special thanks to George for holding a great training for our staff on social media. The Whole Whale team is always quick to respond to our questions and offer help, we really enjoyed working with them!”

Odina Salihbaeva, Program Manager of The Grass Root Project. (July 2014)

Services Provided: