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Every day, 1,200 kids enter foster care in the United States. Together We Rise is a nonprofit that changes the way they experience the system.

The Challenge

Together We Rise (TWR) was already a lean machine testing ad copy and lead outreach tactics. They approached Whole Whale to get the right foundation (analytics) in place and to optimize the way they were using various outreach platforms.

What we did

Whole Whale worked with TWR for three months on a 0-to-60 accelerator project to lay the groundwork for continued growth.

Google Analytics Configuration

Through a thorough Google Analytics audit, we found red flags with the existing configuration that were preventing the right data from being tracked. After quickly extinguishing those fires, we created a Google Tag Manager account, allowing the TWR team to control their Analytics code without relying on a developer. We used GTM to set up advanced tracking, so now the TWR team can see true bounce rate and other important events on the site. Finally, we created dashboards, including a custom Google Data Studio report, so the TWR team can stay informed on how their website is performing.

Google Ad Grant and Digital Advertising

Although TWR had the Ad Grant, they weren’t using it to its fullest potential. Within a few days, we maxed out the account, more than doubling the amount of traffic the grant was driving. We also A/B tested different landing pages to figure out which one would drive the most conversions and shifted our approach to the best performer. The grant now accounts for 20% of all new group request leads, a major profit driver for the organization. We also performed an analysis of previous digital advertising performance, finding the true cost per acquisition from past campaigns to help TWR optimize their approach going forward.

Lead Optimization Strategy

The TWR team was spending a lot of time manually contacting their web leads and maintaining them in two different ecosystems. Through our Rent-a-CTO and digital strategy approach, we found ways to build more efficiency and automation into this process.

MailChimp drip campaigns now keep leads “warm” without requiring manual email contact from TWR staff. ProsperWorks custom reports help the TWR see lead status at-a-glance. Calendly was added to help the sales team avoid annoying back-and-forth to schedule meetings. Mapping the lead process into a flowchart helped the TWR team envision and formalize the process. Now, the sales team has more free time focus on big-picture relationship building.

WW also created a job description to help the TWR team find the right candidate to maintain this technology once we were gone.


“We contacted the Whole Whale team through a referral and they were very helpful from the beginning. The team is very knowledgeable about what they are doing and we felt very confident that they could help solve all of our digital needs. We met with them for the next three months and they helped maximize our Google AdWords grant as promised. They also helped us understand all the information and learning what to do with it. We would definitely work with them again in the future.”

– Danny Mendoza, Founder & CEO of Together We Rise

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