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The Tribal Community Coordinating Center (TCCC) focuses on engaging California tribal leaders and their communities to coordinate tobacco control learning, communication, and policy activities. 

No Word for Vape: Educating California Communities on the Harms of Tobacco

The Tribal Community Coordinating Center, a project of ETR.org, created educational public service announcement videos about the harms of tobacco to reach tribal communities in California. Whole Whale developed and managed the online paid advertising campaign and targeting strategy to reach tribal communities through the PSA videos. Whole Whale drove over 1.5 million views on these videos with an average view rate of 35% with advertising on YouTube.


  • Over 1,500,000 views on priority videos in 4 months
  • $0.02 average cost per view
  • 580% increase in site traffic during the campaign 


Crafting the Campaign

Before launching ads, Whole Whale facilitated a discovery session with TCCC’s experts to better understand the tribal audiences they were aiming to reach. Whole Whale created a paid ads strategy that outlined the advantages, considerations, and estimated costs of each platform to help TCCC choose the right place for their ads. Due to targeting limitations of all social media platforms, we focused on running ads in regions with higher populations of tribal communities, matching the tribal communities represented in the videos with the communities with the highest representation in each geographic region.

After running and optimizing these ads over 3 months, Whole Whale and TCCC ran a survey campaign to PSA viewers to better understand who was seeing the ads and what content resonated most with them. These survey responses allowed us to confirm 5% of respondents were current members of California tribes, and of those 15% indicated they were interested in learning more about how to quit commercial tobacco after watching the videos, a key goal of the campaign.

Reporting Success

At the beginning of our engagement, Whole Whale configured Google Analytics tracking to ensure we had visibility across website sessions, email signups, and PDF downloads that came from our ads. Whole Whale provided a monthly report to look at overall progress and make recommendations for ongoing campaign optimization. At the end of the project, Whole Whale compiled a custom aggregate report on both the video view ads and survey submissions for TCCC to share with its funders. 

From the TCCC Team

The Whole Whale Team provided a well structured space for collaboration on our TCCC media campaign. This campaign is the very first of its kind in California specific to highlighting the harmful effects of tobacco on tribal communities. Whole Whale came prepared for every meeting with recommendations to further strengthen the outreach and worked closely with our team to collect feedback from viewers. This was an added request and we collectively found a way to make it work. This partnership was not only rewarding with respect to working with Whole Whale and it’s professional individuals but also enabling TCCC and ETR to shine with our funder. Thank you so much!

— Narinder Dhaliwal, Director of ATOD

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