Founded in 2005, Trilogy Lacrosse is one of the premier lacrosse programs in the United States with a best-in-class reputation in educational programming and event management. The organization has a unique blend of established lacrosse insiders and professional event operators. In its first 10 years, Trilogy worked with tens of thousands of student-athletes across the nation.


The Challenge

As one of the most respected organizations in the lacrosse world, Trilogy needed to increase their understanding of how web traffic converted to students in their program. In addition to tracking, the organization wanted to build on organic traffic through content marketing and SEO.

What we did

In 2016, Whole Whale worked on a focused project with Trilogy Lacrosse to track and grow digital impact.

Google Analytics & Impact Mapping

Whole Whale configured Google Analytics and Google Tag Manager to properly track user to customer flow across domains. The ability to track this user flow helped to clarify the most valuable sources of traffic that were driving business objectives. We then created custom analytics dashboards around SEO, digital marketing, and executive-level web data to help the team understand how their site was performing.

Content Marketing + SEO

Whole Whale performed an SEO Audit that evaluated the past year of traffic and analyzed on- and off-page components in order to create concrete recommendations to improve their sales and content platforms. Using the keyword research, Whole Whale worked with the team to create a content marketing plan designed to increase traffic that attracted parents and high school lacrosse athletes to their programs.

Digital Advertising

Whole Whale helped evaluate the efficacy of digital spends on Google AdWords and revised plans based on objectives of the site.

Digital Training

Train Trilogy staffers were trained to become proficient in Google Analytics for ongoing monitoring of In addition, the team was given training in managing their content marketing.


Services Provided: