Understand the Users that Matter.

This tool will find the signal in the noise of Google Analytics.

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Our tracking software connects Google Analytics GCLIDs with emails collected. This allows organizations to see individual user behavior in GA and build cohorts based on website activity. Now available for Agency partnerships.

How it works

Deep Google Analytics Integration

Lighthouse connects the dots between your site visitor* and their browsing activity in Google Analytics.


*This is a human who has submitted their email through a form on your site.

Visitor activity segmentation

Segment visitors by the pages they visited, goals completed, location, and device!

VIP Tracker

Stay in the know about important people in your network, such as a major donor or prospect by creating unique VIP links. Once they click on the link, their email will appear in Lighthouse!



Lighthouse scales with you as you grow. Our pricing is determined by the number of visitor emails linked in your Lighthouse account. Emails are linked in Lighthouse in one of two ways: 1.) when new users subscribe from your website, and 2.) when your email subscribers click-through to your website from your Mailchimp emails.

A 15% discount will apply for nonprofit customers for the Lite and Pro levels.

For example: You have an email list of 60K on Mailchimp. In August, 1500 of your subscribers click-through from your emails to your website and you also get 500 new subscribers, linking 2000 total emails in Lighthouse. In September,  you link an additional 1000 subscribers. Your Lighthouse fee would be $20 in August and $30 in September.

Lighthouse Beta is now open to new users

Lighthouse User Guide

Get step-by-step instructions on how to successfully set up Lighthouse.

Frequently Asked Questions

But…how does this magic actually happen? Let’s break it down.

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