Shed light on important website visitors and segments

Lighthouse by Whole Whale is a Google Analytics add-on tool that ties email subscribers on your site to Google Analytics, shedding light on important users.

Why Lighthouse?

See each visitor’s journey

Lighthouse ties a visitor’s email to their click-by-click activity on your site

Don’t miss out on hot leads

Communicate with an email subscriber more effectively by knowing exactly what they are looking for

How it works

No more disconnect

Lighthouse connects the dots between your email subscriber* and their browsing activity in Google Analytics.


*This is a human who has submitted their email through a form on your site.

No more guessing

You can see exactly what an email subscriber did on your site.

Send better emails

Tailor your communications to a visitor’s interests based on what they were doing on your site.

Be the first to navigate a sea of data with Lighthouse

Coming Spring 2018