Activity Segmentation Setup

Lighthouse Steps

Go to

  1. Allow Lighthouse to create a Custom Dimension in your Google Analytics account. Note that Custom Dimensions cannot be deleted in GA.
  2. Get the Custom Dimension index number in Google Analytics
    • Log in to Google Analytics
    • Go to Admin
    • Under the Property column, click Custom Definitions then Custom Dimensions
    • Find “LH_CLIENTID” and write down the corresponding index number

Google Tag Manager Steps

  1. Open GTM
  2. Tags > open GA tracking tag (requirement: GA must be deployed through GTM)
  3. Edit tag
  4. Add custom field
  5. Field name = customTask
  6. Value > hit plus icon in value field > create new > custom javascript >
  7. Name “Set Lighthouse Custom Dimension”
  8. Paste and replace the Custom Dimension index number 
function() {
  // Modify "index_number" below to match the index number you want to send the data to
  var customDimensionIndex = index_number;
  return function(model) {
    model.set('dimension' + customDimensionIndex, model.get('clientId'));

9. Save

10. Preview

11. Submit

Note: that it could take a few hours for data to populate in GA