031: How do you design a game to kick cancer’s ass? Ask HopeLab

Service icons_podcastDr. Janxin Leu, Director of Product Innovation at HopeLab explains how their behavioral approach to game design led to ground breaking results in a game designed to fight cancer. The success of the game Re-Mission and the sequel Re-Mission 2 had a tremendous impact on childhood cancer patients. In a controlled study, Re-Mission players maintained higher levels of chemotherapy in their blood (20%; p=.002) and took their antibiotics more consistently (16%; p=.012) than those in the control group, demonstrating the game’s impact at a biological level.


HopeLab has an incredible process that grew around their work that involves understanding the research behind the behavior change, coming up with innovative approaches and then soliciting real customer input.


How do you kick cancer's ass with a video game? Ask @hopelab #ayacsm Share on X
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